Adam Schwartz is a young, candid and in demand Australian speaker, author, and advocate. Residing in Sydney, Australia - He travels nationally and globally to share his message of hope and empowerment. 

Adam's mission is to simply share his own mental health lived experience to inspire, educate and care for others.

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Find out more about Adam's debut book mum, i wish i was dead. A candid look into his life as a teenager and how he managed to conquer depression with the support of his family and professionals.

Available for purchase online, via eBook and in any good bookstore.

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There is growing community awareness that depression can have a deleterious impact on the lives of young people, but compelling accounts in the literature by those affected are rare.

This is a brave, candid and beautifully written description of the effect of depression that will be of enormous educational value for sufferers, their family and health professionals.

The book also serves to provide much needed hope that, with appropriate treatment and support, the outcome can be very positive.
— Professor Garry Walter, University of Sydney | Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry