Adam uses his experiences, insights, and knowledge to provide meaningful, and engaging interactions that are tailored to best suit each organisation's requirements.


The below options are a guide to what is available, and can be altered, or combined depending on your needs.

Adam has had media training, and is up to date with the latest mental health media guidelines. Additionally, he has a police and background check to work with older, younger, and less-abled people. 



A presentation involves Adam speaking for 20 - 60 minutes. He shares an in depth version of his story, and experiences of mental illness and depression as a teenager. How it affected his family, schooling, friends, and future prospects. The battle with suicide ideations, his complete sense of loneliness, and hopelessness. His trials with medication, talking therapy, and hospitalisation. What worked for him, and the lifestyle changes he has made to vastly improve, as well as maintain his good health to this day.

Adam is aware that every group will have different areas of need to be covered, and so works with the organising group to determine what additional areas should be added or changed. Some of the additional areas of insight include anxiety, exams, communication, family, relationships, general well being, bullying, self-harm, seeking help, what carers and friends can do, further details of medical intervention, happiness, self-esteem, body image, and many more. 

A question and answer section can also be incorporated into this.



As a panellist, Adam will be one part of two or more people, answering questions, and contributing to topic discussions. He aims to keep as informed as possible with new findings, and research being conducted in the mental health area, however brings the unique perspective of a young persons lived experience. He uses this experience to passionately, yet constructively add well reasoned insight on a variety of topics. 

Adam knows very well that his experiences are not universal, and so can work well with differing opinions, experiences, and perspectives. He also knows his limits, and never crosses into areas that require a medical professional's expertise.

Additionally, Adam believes in the important of openness, and honesty, and so is happy to contribute to any and all topics that may arise.



As a consultant, Adam provides expert advice and insights from a lived experience perspective. This is intimately tailored to the organisations goals, and objectives. He works closely with the organisation to reach their desired outcomes, both short and long term.

This role is most utilised with organisations implementing new, or altering pre-existing mental health strategies, policies, procedures, and services; both internally as well as externally. Some include multinational companies, financial institutions, governments, policy makers, schools, hospitals, and many more. Additionally, this role also covers advising on mobile and technological applications and innovations.

Adam strongly believes and insists on the importance of having a lived experienced voice and input in any program that involves mental health. It provides a unique perspective that is difficult to ascertain otherwise, and offers valuable insights that will increase the consumer's experience, and program's effectiveness.



As a facilitator, Adam works with the individuals, groups, and organisation to enable questions, discussion, engagement, and consistent flow of the event. He utilises his insights and experience to add further value, specifically with events which focus on mental health.

An event's size can range from small to large, and depending on an event's purpose, Adam's role can vary. Events can also include workshops, at both a schooling level, as well as within workplaces at a corporate level.



An interview with Adam can go for any length of time. It covers all formats, including audio, visual, and print. Additionally, it can be pre-recorded or live, in person or over the phone, or Skype. This is mostly utilised by media organisations, however can be used in any area. He is capable of answering questions on all areas of his personal experience, as well as a variety of mental health topics. Including, suicide, depression, anxiety, hospitalisation, positive lifestyle changes, communication, relationships, and much more.

Adam has had media training, as well as experience being interviewed on T.V., radio, podcasts, web-series, magazines, and newspapers. He is fully versed in the latest media guidelines on mental health reporting and appropriate language.



Adam can provide a comment or quote, both written and verbal on a variety of areas within mental health. This can include new products, medications, research findings, policy decisions, and more. His comment will come from an informed lived experience perspective, and give a valuable insight that may otherwise be missed.