“Depression and related forms of mental ill-health plague at least half of young people as they face the challenges and ordeals of the transition from childhood to adulthood.  They struggle with the ‘hero’s journey’. This book not only describes one such journey with great honesty and sensitivity, it also provides hope and proof of how to navigate the route. It could be a useful guide to the next generation who pass this way.”

– Professor Pat McGorry
University of Melbourne
Executive Director, Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health



“There is growing community awareness that depression can have a deleterious impact on the lives of young people, but compelling accounts in the literature by those affected are rare.
This is a brave, candid and beautifully written description of the effect of depression that will be of enormous educational value for sufferers, their family and health professionals.
The book also serves to provide much needed hope that, with appropriate treatment and support, the outcome can be very positive.”

– Professor Garry Walter
Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
University of Sydney



“Mum, I Wish I Was Dead . What a title huh ? I looked at this book on my bedside table for a week before I felt brave enough to read it. But This young man and his book WILL save lives . His near deadly journey through depression from aged 10 is a compelling and confronting read .. Adam Schwartz has come through the depression nightmare and his story will show others there is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long and how dark that tunnel seems . When I launched it last night I couldn’t help but feel this book is a game changer . 2500 Australians suicide every year , depression will effect up to 1 in 5 Australians, it’s not a problem it’s an epidemic.”

– Larry Emdur
Host, The Morning Show



“This is a wonderful and honest story of personal struggle, family, pain and survival. It is a must read for anyone who is a teacher/counsellor/health professional with children and adolescents. It is a supportive book for those involved in their own struggle to feel not so alone. Adam is a natural, gifted teacher. He is the teacher here in this story……..his story……..and we can all learn more to help those who struggle.”

N.S – Amazon US



“A must read. A most inspiring story of an adolescent struggling with depression. There is so much to learn from his brave and honest account. Thank you Adam for sharing your story and for giving hope.”

S.S – Amazon US



“This is a very moving description of a young boy dealing with depression. It shows the effects on him and his family. The darkness of depression and lack of understanding is written in a raw and meaningful way.”

J – Amazon US



“Honest and raw story of a young person battling depression with a positive outcome. It is an easy read on a difficult topic. Must read for parents and carers.”

A – Amazon US



“An excellent writing and leaves me with a much clearer understanding of depression.”

Anonymous – Amazon US



“This book was surprisingly real. I really enjoyed the honesty and charisma from the young author. His life has been so difficult yet so typical for some. It is really great to hear a first-hand experience from a person who has really been through the worst to turn into one of the best. I understand some people I have spoken to have expressed their uncertainty with the ECT treatment however the fact he did not beat around the bush and mentions the several avenues people and doctors feel sufferers indeed need to go through the ‘beat it’ shows how honest he is willing to be. I’m glad he shared his story and I hope once people begin to read it they will better understand the struggle of depression. This may very well help save someone’s life one day, and in my opinion if enough read it, it could save many more.”

L – Angus & Robertson



“Was a great read for anyone suffering from any sort of mental illness thinking they are alone. In saying this it is also welcoming to anyone interested in a fighting battle against barriers preventing one from reaching their dreams.”

M – Booktopia



“Informative, moving, honest description of Adams condition. I couldn’t put the book down. Laughed out loud at time as some of his comments reminded me of me and my Daughter at her worst with depression and her eating disorder. We can now talk about it whilst discussing the book. I think the book can Give hope to anyone battling depression and give insight to parent going through it with their child.”

T – Amazon UK



“Very touching and shows great courage in its raw openness. In an age, where, for males in particular, showing such emotions is looked down upon to say the least it takes strength to speak out. The story offers comfort and hope to many facing similar experiences. It expresses what I for one wouldn’t be able to express. It makes it not only less lonely for those finding themselves in such a dark place as Adam did but gives encouragement and the tools to succeed in overcoming depression”

D – Amazon UK



“Adam’s story is not just one of despair, struggle and heartache but also of love, family, friendship, strength, hope, resilience and positive outcomes. Adam tells his story with integrity and honesty. It is as brave and raw as it is compelling and inspiring. Adam’s story needs to be heard by all.”

L.G – Amazon Australia



“Highly recommended. An interesting insight into an issue most of us cannot begin to understand.”

L.M – Amazon Australia



“Having battled depression myself I can fully relate to the feelings Adam has expressed in his book. They are raw, honest and confronting but that’s what depression is and Adam has expressed this so truthfully that anyone reading this book will be able to understand just a bit better what it’s like to live with mental illness. It is not just an illness that affects one person but anyone close to the person also suffers too and this is an area that it often overlooked and not supported as well as it could be. It is crucial that people like Adam are brave enough to share this very difficult journey so openly, and I am sure that this book will be a great benefit to those suffering any mental illness to know that they are not the only ones to have thoughts like these and that there is light at the end of this very dark tunnel. I think this should be compulsory reading for high school children and above. Many children I am sure are suffering in silence unaware what they are going through just like Adam was and reading this may help them feel less isolated and more likely to seek help. I wish him well for his future and salute his courage in writing such a book.”

C.N – Amazon Australia



“I highly recommend this book. Readers are given a rare insight into the daily struggles of a young man battling with depression and the extracts of real emails and letters make the story all the more touching and authentic. While the book follows some very dark times, the strength of the family and other support systems surrounding Adam are truly inspirational. Adam’s story is honest and engaging and I can see it being a useful tool for anyone with child/young adult family members or friends who are battling with depression. It is a fantastic read and difficult to put down.”

D.E – Amazon Australia



“Adam’s book is an authentic account of a subject that is difficult to discuss. I read it all in one sitting. Highly recommended.”

A.J – Amazon Australia



“Hard to love it but it is a very brave piece of writing. And it is very necessary to have it out in the world….”

K – Amazon Australia



“Very helpful in understanding my son’s depression”

R – Amazon Australia



“Congratulations on your book and being brave enough to share your story.  As a mum of a depressed daughter, I found it very helpful and informative.  I am so pleased you are raising awareness, as it is desperately needed.   Thank you so much, you ate an inspiration!”

Anonymous – PM



“Adam I have just finished reading your book last night and felt I had to say how much It touched me. Thank you for giving me hope and a better understanding of depression.”

B.R – PM



“Finished reading “mum, i wish i was dead”, I’m sad to say that I USED to think that people who took their own life due to a mental illness were selfish, because of the hurt they caused the people they left behind…. This book written by a young man who suffered depression from the age of 10 and has now conquered it has let the reader into his life and what it was like not only for him but his family to go through, a MUST read….thank you for opening my eyes and heart, a truly inspirational story.”

L.I – Facebook



“I can’t tell you what a help your book has been to my husband and I.  We have a son with depression.  Thank you for writing such an honest and inspiring account of your story.”

K.D – PM



“I chose to read this as I have a son who suffers from, amongst other things, severe depression.
As I read and read I had a lump in my throat as this could have been our family(with only a few differences) going through what you guys went through.
It was a total inspiration and I cannot tell you how pleased I am for you that you are able to see the world as a better place and one worth being in.”

A.K – PM



“I just finished your book and just wanted to say that I am really impressed by the journey you went through. You opened my eyes to see what the real deal with depression actually is and that it is an actual illness that affects a lot of people. I really hope you inspire people who are going through the same struggle you use to and writing this book is such a great thing you’ve done to raise attention to the issue.”

M.S – PM


“I just read your book. Thank You for putting into words what I was thinking & feeling. I now have the Tools to deal with my issues. Thanks.”

J.H – Facebook



“Wow, I absolutely loved reading your story! This will provide strength and inspiration for so many people. I know it definitely would have for me while I was in hospital 600 km from home undergoing countless medication changes and ECT. It’s amazing that you had the courage to share your story with the world.”

E.A – Facebook



“Thank you for having hope, living through and coming to the place you are now in your life where you can share your journey, so others such as myself, can spread the word that HOPE is such a valuable element in recovery.
God Bless you mate!”

D.G.H – Facebook



“Awesome book. I couldn’t put it down, it only took me the weekend to read it. So glad you lived to tell your story that is so familiar to so many Australians. Unfortunately not everyone is as brave as you to talk about it or seek help. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s an illness that can be treated & you proved that.”

D.L – Facebook



“Thank you so much Adam. You have helped my son and for us to understand what he is going through. We had a lot of family saying he is just a teenager but we knew there was more to it. Now we just give them the book and say read this and they all come back and say they get it now.
Thank you.”

M.J – Facebook



“This book has so much to offer. As a senior mental health professional working with young people in schools so many adults are making so many decisions for young people without really understanding what is happening to them and without giving them a voice. This is the voice of a young man who suffered from depression. It is a voice worth listening too- a story worth hearing.”

J.C – Facebook



“Wow. I knew kids like this at school but never really understood what was going on. A must read for parents and carers of kids with adolescent or teenage depression. Should be on every school curriculum. I even think mental health professionals could gain another perspective from such a well written account from someone actually suffering teenage depression. Provides hope where sometimes all hope seems lost.”

S.M – iTunes



“A brilliant read for suffers, careers, family members or anyone else trying to improve their understanding of mental illness.”

Anonymous – iTunes