Adam Schwartz is an in-demand, well established author and public speaker based in Sydney, Australia. In spite of having a loving and supportive extended family, Adam began showing signs of depression as early as age 10, with angry outbursts and school refusal.

Over the next 7 years, Adam and his parents tried an endless round of therapies, treatments, and unsuccessful drug regimes. He was forced to drop out of school and relinquish his hopes of further education. As a last-ditch effort to deal with his mental disease, Adam received electro-convulsive therapy just before his 17th birthday.

Following his successful treatment, Adam focused his energies on getting well. He found passion in exercise, and healthy eating, and gained his qualifications as a personal trainer, working in the industry for 6 years.

If being open and honest prevents one person from suffering like I did, save one life, then all of this has been worth it. Everything else is just a bonus.
— Adam Schwartz

The culmination of his journey has been the writing of his first book, mum, i wish i was dead, published in 2015. The book tells the story of Adam’s journey through his illness, written to raise awareness about depression, give hope to both carers, and sufferers, as well as to educate the wider public on the reality of living with a mental illness. His story highlights the importance of hope, family and friends, communication, seeking help, good professional support, and the necessity of implementing lifestyle changes to maintain well-being.

Despite not being able to finish high school, Adam returned to his education, graduating from Macquarie University with a degree in Philosophy and Sociology in 2017. For Adam, doing this was not only important for himself, but was crucial to show young people that there is life after high school, and regardless of what you get in your final exams there is always a way to achieve your dreams, and be a success.

Today, Adam travels widely telling his story, as well as sharing the insights, and knowledge he has gained from his experiences. As an advocate, and speaker, Adam gives presentations, participates on panels, as well as advises a wide range of organisations. Including, schools, health professionals, charities, communities, media, government, and developers in health technologies.

In 2015 at just 24 years old, Adam was a finalist for the Young People's Australian Human Rights Medal. He was recognised for the wide range of work he has undertaken to make an impact in both the individual lives of people suffering with depression, and their families, as well as influence wider societal understanding, and create positive change.

Adam continues to share his story, and insights to inform and give back hope, strongly believing in the importance of meaningful engagement to educate and inspire others to lead healthy, positive lives, and create long lasting change.


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