A big thank you to Larry Emdur for helping me launch my new book – mum, i wish i was dead

As I went to sleep last night, little did I know what I would be waking up to...

A post from Larry on The Morning Show's facebook page.. In just a few hours receiving over 40,000 likes, over 10,000 shares, and over 1,500 comments.

Writing this book was and has always been for others. 'mum i wish i was dead', was always done with the intention of being honest, providing hope to those that suffer and the ones who care for them, as well as to create a better understanding of depression for anyone that reads it.

I know how lucky I am, I've survived something many people don't. I've recovered from something many people still suffer in silence with. This is can and does affect anyone. You won’t know who is suffering by simply looking at them, it could be your best friend, your child, someone you love, it could even be you.

As Larry has shown, the power of sharing this is equally as important and vital as writing it was. The help that can be given, the lives that might be saved, need to first be reached.

Thank you for everything!