Black Dog Institute interview - Sharing my experiences and insights with suicide | ABC News - Heads Up campaign

A few weeks ago I did an interview with the Black Dog Institute discussing my experience with suicide, suicidal thoughts and ideations, how I got to such a dark place, and the importance of hope.

It's mainly been used for educational purposes in a program that is being designed for GP's to better understand suicide.

As part of the ABC's annual Heads Up campaign, 4 minutes of the interview has been made available.

"Hope is the most important thing. That's what keeps people fighting, that's what keeps people alive."

"No one can see this in someone, you can't see someone fighting."

"It is one of these things where sometimes the people who need the most help, are the ones you lest expect."

"I was that person."

"It it is possible to get through"

To watch the video, click on the image to the above or follow this link.