Heads Up: Young Black Dog volunteers share their personal battles with mental health | ABC News

I'm fortunate to be alongside 11 other amazing young people who have openly shared their stories, not just amongst friends, but to a national audience. For some, this may seem like a dream, however for others, it's the complete opposite; even acknowledging it within themselves, or being open with their loved ones can take years, let alone being ready to share with the country.

It is a true reflection on the recovery, strength, and wellness of all these individuals.

Mental health: Adam Schwartz shares journey of hope through depression to help other sufferers | ABC News - Heads Up

The mental health journey of 24-year-old university student Adam Schwartz has taken him to the darkest places since he was 10, but "hope for the future" is what saved him from severe depression.

Mr Schwartz — who is now an author, speaker and Black Dog volunteer youth presenter based in Sydney — said he had suicidal thoughts from a young age.

"Mum has reminded me that when I was 10, I told her my heart is black, my body is full of anger, and that I wish I was dead," he said.

Black Dog Institute interview - Sharing my experiences and insights with suicide | ABC News - Heads Up campaign

A few weeks ago I did an interview with the Black Dog Institute discussing my experience with suicide, suicidal thoughts and ideations, how I got to such a dark place, and the importance of hope.

It's mainly been used for educational purposes in a program that is being designed for GP's to better understand suicide.