RUOK Day | Who have you asked?

I received a call this afternoon from a friend of mine. She read my post about the importance of listening, and followed the links that provided tips on how to have a conversation about someone you’re concerned with. After asking “are you okay?” she was met with an “I’m fine”. When it was pushed, it was met with aggression.

She asked me:

“What can I do? How can I get someone I care for to acknowledge something isn’t right?”

Mum, I wish I was dead - A parents perspective | Mental As - ABC Radio - Jessica Bineth

As part of the ABC's Mental As programming, Jessica Bineth interviewed both mum and dad, to help give a parents perspective on my depression. It also sheds light on how a mental illness can affect more than just the sufferer.


"He called me into his room very upset one morning and said, 'mummy my heart is black, my body is full of anger and I wish I was dead'."

The road to recovery shouldn't be so dark | Niamh Slevin - The Australia Times GIVE magazine

Mental illness is often an uncomfortable topic for many as people have a lack of understanding or cannot comprehend. It is essential to share the facts and talk openly about experiences in order to equip others with knowledge and fight the stigma attached to mental illness that directly impacts on those affected.

“I told mum my heart is black, my body is full of anger and I want to die”

Sad taboo: Can We Talk Newcastle forum brings dark subject of mental health and suicide to the light | The Sunday Telegraph

Schwartz, now 25 and Taylor, 24, told their excruciatingly personal stories of mental ill-health at The Sunday Telegraph’s Can We Talk forum in Newcastle on Tuesday.

For both young people, the key to survival was finding the courage to tell their parents the truth about their feelings — and then trying several mental health professionals until they found one who ‘clicked’.

Heads Up: Young Black Dog volunteers share their personal battles with mental health | ABC News

I'm fortunate to be alongside 11 other amazing young people who have openly shared their stories, not just amongst friends, but to a national audience. For some, this may seem like a dream, however for others, it's the complete opposite; even acknowledging it within themselves, or being open with their loved ones can take years, let alone being ready to share with the country.

It is a true reflection on the recovery, strength, and wellness of all these individuals.

Mental health: Adam Schwartz shares journey of hope through depression to help other sufferers | ABC News - Heads Up

The mental health journey of 24-year-old university student Adam Schwartz has taken him to the darkest places since he was 10, but "hope for the future" is what saved him from severe depression.

Mr Schwartz — who is now an author, speaker and Black Dog volunteer youth presenter based in Sydney — said he had suicidal thoughts from a young age.

"Mum has reminded me that when I was 10, I told her my heart is black, my body is full of anger, and that I wish I was dead," he said.