The road to recovery shouldn't be so dark | Niamh Slevin - The Australia Times GIVE magazine


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Mental illness is often an uncomfortable topic for many as people have a lack of understanding or cannot comprehend. It is essential to share the facts and talk openly about experiences in order to equip others with knowledge and fight the stigma attached to mental illness that directly impacts on those affected.

“I told mum my heart is black, my body is full of anger and I want to die”

Throughout his childhood, Schwartz was often absent from school and his physical symptoms were hard to ignore. He was hospitalised several times die to tonsillitis, experienced constipation and more shockingly lost the use of his legs.

At this point still a child and still unaware that depression was crippling him.

Depression is a serious condition affecting the way people think, behave and interact with others.

“I could see how lucky I was, what right did I have to complain?”

It was hard to speak up in a culture that dictates a man expression his emotions is a sign of weakness.

By generating conversations about mental illness we can close the knowledge gap and help fight the stigma that can act as a blanket covering up dark and severe problems.


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