Mental Health Commission - Adam's Story


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Adam Schwartz was just 10 years old when depression took hold of him for the first time. He can remember describing the feeling to his mother, saying his heart was ‘black’ and his body ‘full of anger’.


“It was a huge weight off my shoulders. For so long I had felt like my depression was a choice,” Adam explains.


Adam is emphatic that while he feels ECT saved his life, it doesn’t maintain it. Now 26 years old, he attributes his wellbeing to good sleep, healthy food and exercise, self-awareness of what improves and lowers his mood, and professional support.


“I think parents should know what you see from your child is probably just a small part of what they’re feeling. They’re hiding a lot of it, trying to protect you.

“But parents should also know their strength and love and simply being there for their child is doing more for their kids than they can express. I know parents can feel as alone as the sufferers. You need to reach out to your support networks. More than anything, persevere.”