Happy Holidays?

My hardest moments come around the same time each and every year. Ironically they fall during the happiest time of the year, the time we apparently all look forward to most. The time between pre-Christmas and post New Year’s Eve is meant to be one of celebration, happiness, sharing, drinking, eating, and joy.

It’s usually the time when friends, family, and loved ones come together to smile, laugh, reminisce, and switch off from their usual routines. Throw in a birthday to top it all off, and it should be the happiest time of the year.

So what happens when you aren’t happy during the happiest time of the year?

The change we can all make | #itsokaytotalk

Photos can do a lot of things. They inspire, educate, shock us, and make us think. They capture beauty, evoke fear, happiness, sadness, hope, and love. They can be a mirror of what society values, and what we would rather ignore. They can capture what words simply cannot; after all, as the saying goes – “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


So what do pictures have to do with mental health?

What happens when you speak to primary school kids about their mental health?

When I was asked to speak to years 5 and 6, from a local primary school about their mental health and wellbeing, I had no idea what to expect. However, what I took away from that day is something everyone needs to know.

To give some context, a few months ago I spoke to the year 10 students from a local high-school, as well as their teachers. Something I have done many times before. One of the people there that day was the assistant head of the senior preparatory school. Knowing all too well the situations of his students he knew that something like this was needed for them.

White Ribbon Day

I’ve always found myself in the company of women, strong women, smart women, successful women. Women have been the cause of some of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned. They have been a huge influence on my character, beliefs and values. Women are some of my best and longest friends.

I owe women a lot. After all, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the women in my life.

Young People’s Human Rights Medal

I was both surprised and honoured when told about being selected as a finalist for the Australian Young People's Human Rights medal.

More so, I was deeply humbled to find out the group of inspiring young Australians I was a part of.

Movember | 'Tis the season to be moe-y... Fa la la la la, la la la la

November, for us in the southern part of the world summer is only around the corner, while up north the chills of winter are creeping in. Christmas decorations are starting to make their early appearance in shopping centres, and upper lips are starting to gain more and more hair as the days go by.

It's the glorious time of year that can only be known as Movember, and I finally got my act together and set up my page. Yay for organisation!

Mum, I wish I was dead - A parents perspective | Mental As - ABC Radio - Jessica Bineth

As part of the ABC's Mental As programming, Jessica Bineth interviewed both mum and dad, to help give a parents perspective on my depression. It also sheds light on how a mental illness can affect more than just the sufferer.


"He called me into his room very upset one morning and said, 'mummy my heart is black, my body is full of anger and I wish I was dead'."