Same-sex Marriage - How I feel isn't enough

I would hope most of you are aware of the current same-sex marriage (SSM) postal vote; to be more specific, a plebiscite. A non-binding survey, used to gauge the position of the Australian electorate. The last national plebiscite was in 1977 to determine what our national song would be. The only other national plebiscites were in 1916, and 1917 regarding military service. Considering our current level of technology, the fact that this is neither mandatory, nor binding, as well as costing roughly $122 million, the question of why ‘bother with a plebiscite?’ is a reaction many have had.

Top 10 Ways To Staying Healthy - Radio Interview Top Ten at 10 | alive 90.5

Full interview below.

This week I had the privilege to speak with Ali Taylor. A very good friend of mine, radio host on alive 90.5, and CEO and creator of The Offical Top Ten Night, a charity organisation that directly supports Suicide Prevention Australia.

Discussing the top 10 ways to keeping healthy. Small, yet significant lifestyle changes anyone can incorporate into their lives, or to be more consciously aware of.

10. Exercise
9. Diet
8. Sleep
7. Professional support
6. Having something to look forward to

Dear Women...

Today is international Women’s Day, and so to the women in my life...

Dear women,

If there’s anything I know it’s that you have had, and continue to have an immeasurable role in my life. I quite literally wouldn’t be here without you – in fact none of us would be.

Thank you for bringing me into this world, and more importantly for keeping me in it.

You have loved me when I was unlovable; you listened when no one else would.

Happy Valentine’s Day - 40 Things I Think I Know About Love

Valentine’s Day, the day of love, can actually sometimes suck (and not in a good way).

In my world, it seems that everyone is in a serious relationship these days, or getting engaged or married, or having babies. Their Saturday nights are now date nights, Sundays are couple adventure days. A night out ends at 10, occasionally midnight, let alone anything later. Social media is of their romantic getaways, or anniversaries. Time they once had is very much limited. Things have changed.

Happy Holidays?

My hardest moments come around the same time each and every year. Ironically they fall during the happiest time of the year, the time we apparently all look forward to most. The time between pre-Christmas and post New Year’s Eve is meant to be one of celebration, happiness, sharing, drinking, eating, and joy.

It’s usually the time when friends, family, and loved ones come together to smile, laugh, reminisce, and switch off from their usual routines. Throw in a birthday to top it all off, and it should be the happiest time of the year.

So what happens when you aren’t happy during the happiest time of the year?

5 Ways to Better Communication

Most of us think we know how to communicate. After all, we spend a large amount of time talking to other people, sharing stories, asking questions. Yet wherever I go, the topic most commonly raised is communication.

How do I talk to the person I care about? What do I do when they don’t want to talk to me? How can I start the conversation? What advice can I give?

Communication is possibly the hardest skill to master for many of us. Fortunately, it’s a skill we can always develop.

RUOK Day | Who have you asked?

I received a call this afternoon from a friend of mine. She read my post about the importance of listening, and followed the links that provided tips on how to have a conversation about someone you’re concerned with. After asking “are you okay?” she was met with an “I’m fine”. When it was pushed, it was met with aggression.

She asked me:

“What can I do? How can I get someone I care for to acknowledge something isn’t right?”

The change we can all make | #itsokaytotalk

Photos can do a lot of things. They inspire, educate, shock us, and make us think. They capture beauty, evoke fear, happiness, sadness, hope, and love. They can be a mirror of what society values, and what we would rather ignore. They can capture what words simply cannot; after all, as the saying goes – “a picture is worth a thousand words”.


So what do pictures have to do with mental health?

What happens when you speak to primary school kids about their mental health?

When I was asked to speak to years 5 and 6, from a local primary school about their mental health and wellbeing, I had no idea what to expect. However, what I took away from that day is something everyone needs to know.

To give some context, a few months ago I spoke to the year 10 students from a local high-school, as well as their teachers. Something I have done many times before. One of the people there that day was the assistant head of the senior preparatory school. Knowing all too well the situations of his students he knew that something like this was needed for them.

Man's best friend | When it's time to say goodbye

I’ve always loved animals, all creatures big and small. From as early as I can remember simply being around an animal made me feel at peace. As a kid, being at the zoo or on a farm was my version of heaven. Although I can understand why people shudder in fear around some animals, I’ve never  really understood people who can’t stand any of them.

Despite this love of all things animal, there has been one animal that has had the greatest influence.