Top 10 Ways To Staying Healthy - Radio Interview Top Ten at 10 | alive 90.5

Full interview below.

This week I had the privilege to speak with Ali Taylor. A very good friend of mine, radio host on alive 90.5, and CEO and creator of The Offical Top Ten Night, a charity organisation that directly supports Suicide Prevention Australia.

Discussing the top 10 ways to keeping healthy. Small, yet significant lifestyle changes anyone can incorporate into their lives, or to be more consciously aware of.

10. Exercise
9. Diet
8. Sleep
7. Professional support
6. Having something to look forward to

Live radio interview with Deborah Knight of ABC Radio

Just finished my first live radio interview on ABC 702 Sydney speaking about depression, suicide and my book 'mum, i wish i was dead' with Deborah Knight.

One of the first steps in fighting this illness is having honest conversations. For anyone that missed it: