Same-sex Marriage - How I feel isn't enough

I would hope most of you are aware of the current same-sex marriage (SSM) postal vote; to be more specific, a plebiscite. A non-binding survey, used to gauge the position of the Australian electorate. The last national plebiscite was in 1977 to determine what our national song would be. The only other national plebiscites were in 1916, and 1917 regarding military service. Considering our current level of technology, the fact that this is neither mandatory, nor binding, as well as costing roughly $122 million, the question of why ‘bother with a plebiscite?’ is a reaction many have had.

White Ribbon Day

I’ve always found myself in the company of women, strong women, smart women, successful women. Women have been the cause of some of the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned. They have been a huge influence on my character, beliefs and values. Women are some of my best and longest friends.

I owe women a lot. After all, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without the women in my life.