Book shops restocked with 'mum, i wish i was dead'

Just over 2 weeks ago, all book shops had sold out of 'mum, i wish i was dead'. It's exciting to announce that the second print run has arrived and is now available as a hard copy in all good book shops as well as online stores. The only place to purchase a signed hard copy is through

It is also available as an e-book via Amazon Kindle, or Apple iTunes.

A thank you will never be enough for all the support I have gained and it is truly fulfilling to know the book and my message is reaching and helping people all over Australia and across the world. The e-mails, messages and phone calls I have received are incredibly heart warming.

Sharing this story is equally as important as writing it was - the help that can be given, the lives that might be saved, first need to be reached. There is no one group responsible for where we are, but it is our responsibility to do better; parents, governments, businesses, schools, teachers, doctors, the media, every one of us.

You won’t know who is suffering by simply looking at them, it could be your best friend, your child, a colleague, someone you love, your barista, it could even be you. People shouldn't be afraid to speak about this, they should be afraid of what not speaking about it, leads to.